5 Smart Ways on How to Advertise a Blog

You surely can’t expect lots of hits in your blog just because you think you’re really into writing good stuffs, do you? Before an internet surfer can come across any blogs, you know that they have to be familiar with the domain or even just the title to search using search engine. Well that is, if you count your blog as something looking forward by visitors to see every time they have access in the internet. So for you to know the right course of action here are some tips of how to advertise blog.

First is to advertise for free. It would only take you in few minutes. There are free web directories around the net so make use of advertising your blog through it. worldsiteindex.com, domaining.in, searchsight.com, webworldindex.com and demoz.org are the top five largest directories. Give them a try, and you’ll see change of traffic in the net few weeks.

Post through blog directory this time. Take note that social networking sites have millions of viewers so you can register in free account making sure still that you follow their policy regarding spams.

Be interacted. Take some time to search for other blogs that are relevant to yours and comment them. You would be surprised that they are even more willing for back links. Through participating the bloggers forums will promote your blog too. Introduce briefly about your blog.

In email signature, place your blog’s link so that every time you reply or send email, the one who receives it will know that you have a site. They may just be interested in clicking it.

Submitting it in 20 search engines is another effective way on how to advertise blog. It will lead to your site when it hits your keywords and then eventually, if you are able to do this all you will be leading a real competitive market.

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